MiS Entrepreneurs

360° Skills Academy

MiS Member: Candice Haynes

360° Skills Academy is a sports education, instruction, and mentoring platform empowering youth to recognize their potential and accomplish their goals beyond the buzzer. We partner with schools and organizations in under-resourced communities to use sport as a tool for positive youth engagement. Our programs harness the power and influence of sport to inspire youth to define and achieve their vision of success academically, socially, athletically and professionally. For more information, visit 360skillsacademy.org, and join us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

360° Skills Academy is the official nonprofit partner of the Minorities in Sports Business Network.


MiS Member: La-Vaughnda Taylor

BANDWAGON is a sports technology company that captures and enhances the gameday experience for fans, teams, and brands. From customizable ticket options based on fans’ needs, to curated tailgating tips and travel planning for away games, BANDWAGON harnesses the power of data to serve as an online gameday headquarters for both the casual fan and the dedicated season ticket holder. For more information, visit www.bandwagonfanclub.com, and join the community on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Big and Little Skills Academy

MiS Member: Jamael Lynch

Big and Little Skills Academy is an innovative and holistic athletic and educational development program designed to educate youth on the social, mental, physical and nutritional fundamentals of sports. We exist to elevate youth through sports. We not only develop athletes, we holistically develop people. For more information, visit wearebalsa.com, and join the community on Facebook and Instagram.

elite8 mktg

MiS Member: Tiffany Scott

elite8 mktg was founded with a nonconformist, slightly defiant spirit and a clear objective: to provide marketing services to sports + entertainment brands. Through value delivery that expands our clients’ reach, we help them make a positive impact on the world.  For more information, visit elite8mktg.com, and join the community on Instagram.


MiS Member: Mike T. Brown

Win-Win is a sports gaming platform where fans compete in online tournaments to win epic experiences with their favorite pro athletes, while donating to impactful charities chosen by the athletes. Social Games For Social Good. For more information, visit www.trywinwin.com, and join the community on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.